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Zap Stepladders

Safe ascent and descent due to non-slip treads and handrail, high degree of stability and compact transport dimensions. - Extra-large work platform (400 x 400 mm). - 3-sided peripheral guardrail for maximum work safety. - Generously sized storage tray for tools and small parts. - Optimum stability thanks to rigid locking bar on both sides. - Treads 80 mm deep, with ZARGES Safer Step Technology. - Compact dimensions when folded up thanks to automatically retracting safety cage. - Prepared for attaching the ZAP stabilisers. - Replaceable 2-component plastic end caps ensure positioning without risk of slipping and at the same time provide firm seating in the stile. - ZAP stabilisers, swing-out stabilisers for increased stability in accordance with EN 131-7 regulations, available as accessories from Order No. 41675 onwards.

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Novelty Buy from Webshop Product code Product name Technical name % Unit Safety PDF
10360024685 ZAP Stepladder 2 steps Zarges 41672 3641B Pcs
10360024686 ZAP Stepladder 3 steps Zarges 41681 3641B Pcs
10360024687 ZAP Stepladder 4 steps Zarges 41674 3641B Pcs
10360022233 ZAP stepladder 5 steps Zarges 41675 3641B Pcs
10360022234 ZAP stepladder 6 steps Zarges 41676 3641B Pcs
10360022240 ZAP stepladder 7 steps Zarges 41677 3641B Pcs
10360022241 ZAP stepladder 8 steps Zarges 41678 3641B Pcs
10360024409 ZAP stepladder 9 steps Zarges 41679 3641B Pcs
10360024688 ZAP stabiliser Zarges 41670 3641B Pair
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