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Telescopic Ladder Ad Step

  • Product code 10360024669
  • Product name Telescopic ladder Lux Step 8+8
  • Technical name Height adjustment
  • Discount code 3641A
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Telescopic top quality ribbed aluminium 3-in-1 ladder with large base especially designed for heavy duty use. It has reinforced profiles for better resistance to meet European Standards up to 12 rungs. It can be used as a stepladder, lean-to wall ladder and on stairs. Quick positioning of the hinges allows: - Opening and closing as a step-ladder without modifying hinge position - Blocking ladder when used as a stepladder modifying hinge position - Opening/closing the ladder for use against walls by modifying hinge position STANDARD PARTS - Non-skid reinforced rubber feet - Quick positioning of the hinges allows - Steel safety blocking hooks covered in nylon - Aluminium hinge knobs - Label and instructions for assembly and use - Packed in Thermo-shrinkable plastic package with showcard which gives clean product to the end user

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