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Flange Gasket IFG5500

- IFG 5500 s = 2.0 mm - Applications: General industrial seal for water, oil and paper industry - Temp. range 150 ° C / 40 bars - Features: Inorganic fibers with a low amount of rubber provide a long service life - Easy to cut in factory conditions - Structure: Mixed synthetic fibers and inorganic fibers which are put together with one of the smallest possible amount of NBR rubber

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Novelty Buy from Webshop Product code Product name Technical name Unit Safety PDF
10640000270 Flange Gasket DN15 IFG5500 2X22/5MM Pcs
10640000271 Flange Gasket DN20 IFG5500 2X28/6MM Pcs
10640000272 Flange Gasket DN25 IFG5500 2X35/7MM Pcs
10640000273 Flange Gasket DN32 IFG5500 2X43/82MM Pcs
10640000274 Flange Gasket DN40 IFG5500 2X49/92MM Pcs
10640000275 Flange Gasket DN50 IFG5500 2X61/17MM Pcs
10640000276 Flange Gasket DN65 IFG5500 2X77/127MM Pcs
10640000277 Flange Gasket DN80 IFG5500 2X9/142MM Pcs
10640000278 Flange Gasket DN100 IFG5500 2X115/162MM Pcs
10640000279 Flange Gasket DN125 IFG5500 2X141/192MM Pcs
10640000280 Flange Gasket DN150 IFG5500 2X169/218MM Pcs
10640000281 Flange Gasket DN200 IFG5500 2X22/273MM Pcs
10640000282 Flange Gasket DN250 IFG5500 2X274/328MM Pcs
10640000283 Flange Gasket DN300 IFG5500 2X325/378MM Pcs
10640000284 Flange Gasket DN350 IFG5500 2X368/438MM Pcs
10640000285 Flange Gasket DN400 IFG5500 2X42/49MM Pcs
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