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3M spray 80 contact adhesive

  • Product code 10340001005
  • Product name 3M Spray 80 405g aerosol adhesive
  • Technical name LS80 12/pkg 80057
  • Color Clear
  • Unit Pcs

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Spray 80 Adhesive is a high performance plasticiser resistance neoprene contact adhesive. It features the high strength performance normally associated with bulk sprayable and brushable contact adhesives. The good plasticiser resistance plus the ability to produce high strength heat resistant bonds to most substrates makes Spray 80 Adhesive ideal for many demanding jobs. The controlled lace like pattern provides reduced overspray and misting allowing accurate adhesive application. The aerosol applied adhesive dries quickly, allowing bonds to be made three minutes after adhesive application. For operations requiring a longer bonding range you have up to 15 minutes to make the bond.

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