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Other Spare Parts and Accessories to Bicycles

A selection of high-quality Helkama spare parts and accessories for bicycles.


Please check availability from your nearest Etra Megacenter store

Novelty Buy from Webshop Product code Product name % Unit Safety PDF
10360024865 Outer tube 28" 42-622 3640E Pcs
10360035523 Inner tyre 28" 28/47-622/635 3640E Pcs
10360035555 Inner tyre 20" 37/54-406 3640E Pcs
10360037772 Front Light 3W Inc. 4xAAA 3640E Pcs
10360037858 Ringing bell to Bicycle 3640E Pcs
10360037863 Outside Tyre 20" 55-406 3640E Pcs
10360037864 Saddle Clip 3640E Pcs
10360037867 Frame Lock Axa Rock Black 3640E Pcs
10360037870 Bicycles Saddle Royal Gel 3640E Pcs
10360037875 Bicycle Chain 1/2 x 1/8" 120L 3640E Pcs
10360037876 Bicycle Handlebars 3640E Pair
10360037877 Bicycle Pedals 9/16" Aluminium 3640E Pair
10360037879 Bicycles Front Light With Switch 3640E Pcs
10360037883 Carrier to Industrial Bike 3640E Pcs
10360037892 Frame Lock Axa Solid XL Plus 3640E Pcs
10360037894 Bicycle Chain 1/2 x 3/32" 124L 3640E Pcs
10360037895 Winter Stud Tyre 20" 42-406 3640E Pcs
10360037896 Bicycles Front Reflector 3640E Pcs
10360037897 Bicycles Back Reflector 3640E Pcs
10360037898 Bicycles Spoke Reflector 3640E Pcs
10360039781 Stud tyre 28" 42-622 KevlarGuard 3640E Pcs
10360040031 Safety swing Herrmans 3640E Pcs
10360040184 Bicycle helmet MET Funandgo black 3640E Pcs
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