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Irimo 1/4" Socket keys Torx-tips

- Bit made with S2 special steel - TORX® Bit driver - Standard: DIN3120

Please check availability from your nearest Etra Megacenter store

Novelty Buy from Webshop Product code Product name Technical name Unit Safety PDF
10650049868 Socket Torx 1/4-TX8 Irimo 107521 Pcs
10650049869 Socket Torx 1/4-TX9 Irimo 107531 Pcs
10650049870 Socket Torx 1/4-TX10 Irimo 107541 Pcs
10650049871 Socket Torx 1/4-TX15 Irimo 107551 Pcs
10650049872 Socket Torx 1/4-TX20 Irimo 107561 Pcs
10650049873 Socket Torx 1/4-TX25 Irimo 107571 Pcs
10650049874 Socket Torx 1/4-TX27 Irimo 107581 Pcs
10650049875 Socket Torx 1/4-TX30 Irimo 107591 Pcs
10650049876 Socket Torx 1/4-TX40 Irimo 107601 Pcs
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