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Brockhaus Prism protective replacement jaws aluminium

Clamping of workpieces of various shapes The jaw blocks are made out of Aluminium with a hardness factor between that of copper and lead. One horizontal prism and three different vertical prisms facilitate clamping of round or oval workpieces. The 90° cutout in the upper part of the jaw blocks facilitate problem free and horizontal clamping of flat material.

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Novelty Buy from Webshop Product code Product name Technical name Unit Safety PDF
10650041023 Protective jaw type "P", size 100 Brockhaus 109100 Pcs
10650041024 Protective jaw type "P", size 120 Brockhaus 109120 Pcs
10650041025 Protective jaw type "P", size 140 Brockhaus 109140 Pcs
10650041026 Protective jaw type "P", size 160 Brockhaus 109160 Pcs
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