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Irimo Screw vice "jaw-shields"

- Protective jaw set for delicate work - Aluminium jaws with normal horizontal groove - Includes built-in power magnet to fix the jaw in a steel vice

Please check availability from your nearest Etra Megacenter store

Novelty Buy from Webshop Product code Product name Technical name Unit Safety PDF
10650050675 Case 100mm alu x2 Irimo 202511 Pcs
10650050676 Case 125mm alu x2 Irimo 202521 Pcs
10650050677 Case 150mm alu x2 Irimo 202541 Pcs
10650050678 Magnetic Jaw a1-100mm Irimo 202561 Pcs
10650050679 Magnetic Jaw a1-125mm Irimo 202571 Pcs
10650050680 Magnetic Jaw a1-150mm Irimo 202581 Pcs
10650050681 Magnetic Jaw p1-100mm Irimo 202661 Pcs
10650050682 Magnetic Jaw p1-125mm Irimo 202671 Pcs
10650050683 Magnetic Jaw p1-150mm Irimo 202681 Pcs
10650050684 Magnetic Jaw p2-100mm Irimo 202761 Pcs
10650050685 Magnetic Jaw p2-125mm Irimo 202771 Pcs
10650050686 Magnetic Jaw p2-150mm Irimo 202781 Pcs
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