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Acha Machinist's squares with flat prop

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Novelty Buy from Webshop Product code Product name Technical name Unit Safety PDF
10650042497 Square 100x70mm with flat prop 07-510 Pcs
10650042498 Square 150x100mm with flat prop 07-515 Pcs
10650042499 Square 200x130mm with flat prop 07-520 Pcs
10650042500 Square 250x160mm with flat prop 07-525 Pcs
10650042501 Square 300x180mm with flat prop 07-530 Pcs
10650042502 Square 400x230mm with flat prop 07-540 Pcs
10650042503 Square 500x280mm with flat prop 07-550 Pcs
10650042504 Square 600x330mm with flat prop 07-560 Pcs
10650042505 Dial indicator 0-10/0,01mm diameter 58mm 08-502 Pcs
10650045044 Square 750x375mm with flat prop 07-575 Pcs
10650045045 Square 1000x500mm with flat prop 07-594 Pcs
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