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Ullman Magnetic pick-up tools

- Neodymium-Iron-Boron extra high flux magnet for maximum strength. - Stainless steel telescoping handle is strong, long and lightweight. - Pocket clip keeps it handy and secure. - Comfortable textured cushion grip keeps handle secure even in wet or oily hands. HTLP-1 has also: - Rotating head that picks up metal objects in hard to reach areas - LED Light that illuminates darkened areas. HT-1: Lifts: 1,1kg, Handle length: 168-845mm HT-2: Lifts: 2,3kg, Handle length: 210-770mm HT-3: Lifts: 4,5kg, Handle length: 165-845mm HTLP-1: Lifts: 3,6kg, Handle length: 170-705mm

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Novelty Buy from Webshop Product code Product name Technical name Unit Safety PDF
10650033879 HT-1 Magnetic pick-up tool telescope handle 0,7kg Pcs
10650033880 HT-2 Magnetic pick-up tool telescope handle 1,6kg Pcs
10650033881 HT-3 Magnetic pick-up tool telescope handle 2,23kg Pcs
10650045292 HT-5 Pick-up magnet 1500g/650mm Pcs
10650045293 HTLP-1 Pick-up magnet 4kg LED-light, flexible head Pcs
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