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Freezer bottles with HD lid 0,5l - 2,0l

High-quality domestic freezing bottle made of food approved plastic. Expansion ”pocket” makes sure that the bottle cannot be overfilled. Easy to stack and store one on top of the other. Domestic Key Flag product.


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Novelty Buy from Webshop Product code Product name Technical name Package size Unit Safety PDF
10560001379 Freezer Juice Bottle HD 0,5L lv PL 3730 12/1344 12,00 Pcs
10560001380 Freezer Juice Bottle HD 0,75L lv PL 3740 12/960 12,00 Pcs
10560001381 Freezer Juice Bottle HD 1L lv PL 3750 12/768 12,00 Pcs
10560002019 Juice Freezer Jar HD 1,0L PL 3760 6/576 6,00 Pcs
10560002020 Juice Freezer Jar HD 1,5L PL 3770 6/384 6,00 Pcs
10560002021 Juice Freezer Jar HD 2,0L PL 3780 6/288 6,00 Pcs
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