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Hygicult Hygiene tests

Hygicult tests are reliable, economic and timesaving on-site surface hygiene monitoring tests. - Hygicult TPC is intended for general hygiene monitoring as most common bacteria, yeasts and moulds can grow on it. - Hygicult E is intended for the detection of Enterobacteriaceae. - Hygicult Y&F is intended for the detection of yeasts and moulds; no bacteria grow on this slide. - Orion Clean Card PRO is a new generation hygiene test for monitoring the effectiveness of surface cleaning. Orion Clean Card PRO detects protein residues, the presence of which indicates inadequate cleaning. Hygicult TPC and Hygicult E dipslides have been validated in a collaborative study in twelve laboratories(1-2). Hygicult TPC validation report has been approved by NMKL/Nordval(3).

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10240007006 Hygiene test Hygicult TPC 80627 10pcs/pkg pack
10240007007 Hygiene test Hygicult Y&F 80628 10pcs/pac pack
10240007008 Hygiene test Hygicult E 80629 10pcs/pac pack
10240007021 Hygiene test Orion Clean Card Pro 63200 25pcs/pkg pack
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