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Stepladder Smart 1

Catalogue / Heavy duty ladders: Fiberglass stepladders Smart 1 Single sided stepladder equipped with platform and guardrail Single sided stepladder with aluminium flat steps equipped with platform and guardrail. Professional fiberglass ladders suitable for those operators who work next to cables, outlets or other electric energy sources. The fiberglass frames assure electric insulation but our ladders are also light and easy to manage thanks to the non-skid knurled aluminium rungs TECHNICAL FEATURES - Distance between step 25 cm - Non-skid steps cm 8 - Polypropylene platform (25,5 x 28 cm) - Guardrail height 60 cm - “C” frames 82 x 30 mm - Capacity 150 kg - No. of rungs: 5 to 10 - Stepladder height: m 1,16 to m 2,30 STANDARD PARTS - Strap preventing uncontrolled ladder opening - Ergonomic reinforced non-skid rubber feet - Reinforcements under the steps - Tool-holder - Label and instructions for assembly and use - Thermo-shrinkable plastic package with showcard

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Novelty Buy from Webshop Product code Product name Technical name % Unit Safety PDF
10360038847 Stepladder 3-ask 700mm Smart 1 1000v 3641A Pcs
10360038848 Stepladder 4-ask 930mm Smart 1 1000v 3641A Pcs
10360038849 Stepladder 5-ask 1160mm Smart 1 1000v 3641A Pcs
10360038850 Stepladder 6-ask 1390mm Smart 1 1000v 3641A Pcs
10360038851 Stepladder 7-ask 1610mm Smart 1 1000v 3641A Pcs
10360038852 Stepladder 8-ask 1850mm Smart 1 1000v 3641A Pcs
10360038853 Stepladder 10-ask 2300mm Smart 1 1000v 3641A Pcs
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