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Kiilto PlusChlor D1 disinfective cleaning agent 5l

Disinfecting cleaning agent. Contains sodium hypochlorite for disinfecting cleaning and bleaching of surfaces that withstand alkaline cleaners. Removes odors. Also suitable for disinfecting secretion stains. Applications: For cleaning, disinfecting and bleaching surfaces that withstand alkaline solutions, especially wet spaces. Excellent for cleaning swimming pools and spas. Also suitable for disinfecting secretion stains. Instructions for use and dosage: The solution is prepared with cold water. Rinse well after cleaning. 200 ppm = 5-10 ml / 995-990 ml water 500 ppm = 13-25 ml / 987-975 ml water 1000 ppm = 20-50 ml / 980-950 ml water 5000 ppm = 100-250 ml / 900-750 ml water. The lowest dosage is for recently manufactured product, the highest is for almost 9 month old product. Technical specifications: - Colorless, odorless liquid. - Product pH: 13 (strongly alkaline) - pH of the diluted solutions: 11.5 (strongly alkaline) - Storing: 5 - +24 °C in original packaging, protected from direct sunlight. The chlorine remains effective for 12 month from the production date in an unopened package.

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10240005868 PlusChlor D1 disinf. cleaning agent 5l Farmos 410663 alkaline, chlorous Pcs
10340007585 PlusChlor D1 disinf. detergent 5l 41119 Pcs
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