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F 210 Hygisept disinfective cleaning powder

  • Product code 10240007211
  • Product name F 210 Hygisept disinfectant powder 1kg
  • Technical name 60023 6x1kg
  • Unit Pcs

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Disinfectant powder based on potassium persulphate. Application Slaughterhouses, appliances, animal housings, footwear disinfection, cages, delivery trucks etc. Product properties - Acidic - Very effective. - Highly soluble. - Effectively destroys the following microbes: bacteria, salmonella, yeasts, moulds and viruses. - The solution remains red as long as there is disinfection effect left. Instructions for use 1. Spray lightly and wipe, or spray and rinse carefully with water. 2. Footwear disinfection: Prepare 1 – 2 % solution to a footbath. Replace solution daily or when the solution is no longer red (there is no disinfection effect left). Recommended dosage: usual dosing 1 %, prepare the solution in water.

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