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Food safe pastry brushes

The bristles are polyester (not natural fibres), making the food-contact brush more hygienic. They are extremely soft and do not damage the pastry when applying egg, oil , butter, etc. Autoclavable and suitable for micro-swabbing. Can resist high temperatures of dishwashers, therefore easily cleanable.

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Novelty Buy from Webshop Product code Product name Technical name Package size Weight kg Unit Safety PDF
10240003909 Pastry Brush, 30x10x18mm, White 5550305 Polyester 1,00 Pcs
10240003910 Pastry Brush, 30x10x185mm, Blue 5550303 Polyester 1,00 Pcs
10240003912 Pastry Brush, 50x10x190mm, Blue 5550503 Polyester 1,00 Pcs
10240003913 Pastry Brush, 70x10x195mm, White 555070 Polyester 1,00 Pcs
10240003914 Pastry Brush, 70x10x195mm, Blue 5550703 Polyester 1,00 Pcs
10240010757 Pastry Brush 50x14.5x195mm 5552505 polyester white 0,00 Pcs
10240010886 Pastry Brush 70x14.5x195mm 5552703 polyester blue 1,00 0,048 Pcs
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