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Levelfix CCL360GR Multi-Line Laser

  • Product code 10480025334
  • Product name Levelfix CLL360GR laser
  • Technical name Levelfix 110303
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Cone laser is the cutting edge technology in line laser devices. It uses a precise cone and a powerful laser beam to reflect a 360 ° line with one diode. The result is brighter and more visible lasers with less diodes. This device is powered with chargeable batteries, and reflects 3 x 360° lines. One line is green; two are red. Features and benefits: - Slope capability - Bright laser lines - 1 green, 2 red 360° lines - Very accurate - Versatile Technical specifications: - Accuracy: +2mm/10m - Range: 30m - Rays: 3x 360° - Laser diode: 2M/High Visible - Cone slope capability: 5° - Compatible with receivers

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