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Esab OK 63.30 Coated electrode

Extra low carbon stainless steel electrode for welding steels of the 18Cr 12Ni 2.8Mo-type. Also suitable for welding of stabilized stainless steels of similar composition when the working temperature is maximum 350°C.

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Novelty Buy from Webshop Product code Product name Technical name Unit Safety PDF
10120001715 OK 63.30 1.6x300 welding electrode ESAB 6330162030 (1.6kg/pac)(9.6kg) kg
10120001716 OK 63.30 2.0x300 welding electrode ESAB 6330202030 (1.6kg/pac)(9.6kg) kg
10120001717 OK 63.30 2.5x300 welding electrode ESAB 6330252030 (1.7kg/pac)(10.2kg) kg
10120001718 OK 63.30 3.2x350 welding electrode ESAB 6330323020 (4.1kg/pac)(12.3kg) kg
10120001719 OK 63.30 4.0x350 welding electrode ESAB 6330403020 (4.3kg/pac)(12.9kg) kg
10120001720 OK 63.30 5.0x350 welding electrode ESAB 6330503020 (4.1kg/pac)(12.3kg) kg
10120003364 OK 63.30 1.6x300 1/4 VacPac ESAB 63301620K0 (0.7kg/pac)(4.2kg) kg
10120003366 OK 63.30 2.0x300 1/4 VacPac ESAB 63302020L0 (0.6kg/pac)(3.6kg) kg
10120003367 OK 63.30 2.5x300 1/4 VacPac ESAB 63302520L0 (0.7kg/pac)(4.2kg) kg
10120003368 OK 63.30 3.2x350 1/2 VacPac ESAB 63303230G0 (1.7kg/pac)(5.1kg) kg
10120003369 OK 63.30 4.0x350 VacPac ESAB 63304030G0 (1.7kg/pac)(10.2kg) kg
10120003370 OK 63.30 5.0x350 VacPac ESAB 63305030G0 (1.7kg/pac)(10.2kg) kg
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